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Destination – United States of America

July 29, 2007

Destination USA

Longitute: 38° 51′ N

Lattitude: 77° 2′ W

So finally i am packing up, State dept. was so kind to issue my my visa in just 15 days. ***************************************************************************

enough of jokes history, so i would be moving on to the US office, plan is to visit Washington DC office, then to Pennsylvania, to Pittsburgh. My major stay would be at Pittsburgh due to the fact i would be leading a data center movement within the city of Aliquippa.

 This time my stay would be around 2/3 months, my plans are to visit PK back before choti Eid & go to US permanently after badhi Eid. Its a big move and finally i got approval from my family 🙂 Wish me all the luck folks, i gotta take the flight in next 15 days 🙂


Jhon Denver – Country Roads take me home

July 29, 2007

One of my Favourite Songs….enjoy

ME, Myself & I

July 25, 2007

Big Girls Don’t Cry – O Realy ?

July 25, 2007

Your MegaHurtz stoled too ? Funny Ads.

July 19, 2007

Destination – Kuwait

July 18, 2007

Latitude: 29.230278 ( North 29° 13′ 49″ )
Longitude: 47.975277 ( East 47° 58′ 30″ )

so after a long hectic travelling to KHI/LHE & ISB, finally i am on my way to Kuwait city…would be my first visit to Gulf & Kuwait – lets hope for best and a peacefull journey 😉 – i’ll update blog once i come back from the tour.


For All Guitar Lovers: Roy Buchanan

July 13, 2007

Roy Buchanan was one of very famous and *greatest* American guitar and blues musician. Although he was considered among greatest after his death which was also a mystery for all his lovers. People still love his music and try to copy him. I found one of his very good song which i would try to replicate on guitar sometime and would like to share with you all. Its the two version of same song called as Sweet Dreams (i guess it was also used in The Departed – movie).

More about Roy:

Live Version – Germany Concert: