Mera Safarnama: Bahrain, Kuwait

ah, so i got enough of the time space to get back on  blog. i would start with few of the recent places i’ve been through – new places, new expereince

i was enjoying a slightly better (as compared to Lahore) weather on Sunday in Islamabad with my cute little bhanja & family when i got a call from tawasul to get back to Lahore and i was supposed to fly monday morning … so packed up my stuff & Arsal and finaly managed to get a Daewoo back to home around mid night. Reached at Airport around 6 AM and took the Gulf Air flight to Bahrain & then to Kuwait.

Bahrain Airport: it was a nice airport and quite big Air operations were going on – as being the home base for Gulf Air; most of the Gulf flights were transiting from this small country.


First thing i wonder was the way these people were running the operations and its comparison to our PIA which absolutely doesn’t makes any sense. Even though Karachi is on a prime location for being a transit airport but who cares; all our Govt. cares about is its existence in govt. & its employee cares about the ways they can earn kickbacks and enjoy their lives.

Kuwait: Its quite a dry & hot country – i earned a gift headache being abrubtly in cold & hot enviornment which was there untill i came back to Lahore. How is it being like in Hot ? don’t ask don’t tell – our summer in PK is lot lot better than what it was in Kuwait – it was like there are few days in winter when the cold wave hits your bones, same goes for  the heat up there, it hits your inside and dries you out of water in few moments; and the heat wave goes over midnight; so there’s no time when you are feel its better.

First Warnning: Please please always keep water bottel whenever you go outside on foot or something…


My experience of Kuwait’s Infrastructure, roads, schools, police system every thing was shockingly pleasent -Taxi services was quite good, motoways/free ways were every where -downtown skyline was cool like as some euorpean country and last but not least, there were too many foreigners working and living in their own style in the country. No factors of racism or exterimism was there. And more over, every one was following the rules and traffic laws 😀 which ashamed me a bit too as being a Pakistani and a bit more when my indian driver asked me about Lal Masjid and Mullahs 🙂

So i enjoyed my stay for 2 nights and left for back for Lahore and after 2 days landed in Lahore around 8 AM and finally back to home around 10 AM; fortunate enough to take some rest and take my flights to USA next day….


Overall it was a nice but hectic trip, liked the indian cousine and the hotel i was staying with, quite much flight delays, sitting on the floor of waiting loundges at Airport, some stealing of Internet, some high bills of Roaming charges but not bad at the end of the day.


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