Mera Safarnama Part II: USA

So I left from Lahore on 11th for USA with short stays in Abu-Dhabi and London..

Abu-Dhabi was a nice but dirty place, nice as a metro city dirty as being an Islamic state, i still feel PK is much much better than many arabic states, Alcohol was openly being used, dance parties, party girls etc.. was amazed to see this happening .. 🙂 After a hectic flight reached London where temperature was shockingly 16c and i forgot to bring any of my upper etc… tried to keep it warm by rubbing my arms :D, then took a long long flight to Washington and entered the USA by *not as bad as known* immigration & security process. I had a muscle pull in my neck which lasted for next 6 days 🙂 and i was shockingly screaming at night due to pain. Finally one of my US friend brought me some good medicine and feeling much better now..

My Advice: never never in your life try to travel on long flights without neck pillow..

About Security process: It was all the same every where and for every one – had to remove shoes etc.. almost at every airport of the world and it was for all, no shame in that – only thing is pinching me till now is the security process at UK – heathrow. Those guys are realy pathetic and the process in which you are separated into another line after being known as a Pakistani, believe me you are escorted to another section, process where they try to fully prove you are a terrorist – it was the worst & disgraceful part of my whole travel life, even in USA, they don’t do this, you are gracefully asked to register yourself with INS. So what i feel is UK still feels like they were the emperor of the world, just as bad as terrorism itself.

Next time i would try to travel via France instead of UK – we need to avoid the bastards as much as we can.


One Response to “Mera Safarnama Part II: USA”

  1. @sm@ Says:

    At heathrow, things are even worst than this yah tu trailer tha 🙂

    Happy Traveling!!

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