Pittsburgh & my new apartment


So here i am sitting at my apartment typing these lines 🙂

Me at My Office

Pittsburgh is a nice place, peaceful, friendly people (with a warning from some Afro-Americans 🙂 ) , its a hilly area, many ups and down – downtown of Pittsburgh have a beautifull skyline – I’ve tried to cook myself few things i know 😛 like egg, Potato Cutlus – got stuck with the Cutlus and had to call Abeer and home to get them fixed 😀 and finally they can be called a curry of Mashed potatos 😛

Today - Raining
Today, its been raining all day long, weather gets cold at night and its been the same all day
long – Day starts at around 6 AM and Maghrib is around 9 PM 😐 , i would be fasting in Ramadan in Pitts and i wonder how will i manage this larger fasting 😐 – i guess i should prepare for it from now 🙂


3 Responses to “Pittsburgh & my new apartment”

  1. Opee Says:

    Here I think it would be from 5.15 or 5.30 till 9.30 😐 … Lag pata jana hai 🙂

  2. @sm@ Says:

    Thats the spirit of Ramadhan GO ON 😀

    The bridges on either side of pic above are so beautiful … happy living in (lalam)USA :>

  3. shez Says:

    If you dont mind my asking, who do you work for?

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