Travelling Plans & Narations ….

Damn … i’m again en-route to US. Somehow i wasn’t able to get a ticket from Lahore to Washington or NY …weired ; seems like summer holidays are making too many people flee from Posh Areas.

OK so here’s the story – I’m currently writing these words from Doha (well i planned that i have some time to kill before my flight and so i’ll update this blog)

i left from yesterday around 7 PM – reached Airport around 7:45 PM; flight to Karachi was scheduled at 9:30; After the Flight Drama (which i’ll tell below) – we took off around 10:45 and reached Karachi around 12 AM.  Again as usual (as discussed with Danish couple of hours ago) that Pakistani Airline flights are good for getting Gunah maaf; and it went exactly like that 😉 Bad Weather – some poor attitude people and the media fiasco ended up in my worst ever faced turbulance. It was quite quite horrible and plan was shaking like peas in a pot.

ok long story short – plan was stopped by CAA due to poor weather while we all were seated but after 1 hour – a guy (uncle actually) got angrey and started shouting to make the plan run and flight reached geo/ajj etc.. ect.. after couple of minutes CAA allowed for takeoff but when it reached up 😀 the guy who was shouting to bring it up was holding his seat together and he was cursed by everyone in plane that he is a stupid jerk ! going to get us all killed 😛

At karachi, i just gave my self some internet shock – worked on hacked insecure internet and took a flight around 6 AM to reach here around 8:30 AM PKST ….

would be leaving around 12 PM PKST towards Washington ; i guess i won’t be able to write off from DC as i have to catch a flight to Philadelphia and i’m gonna be dead tired till that – not sure if anyone else but i’m kind of a guy who doesn’t get much sleep while traveling.

will update later hopefully….some pictures are already uploaded on facebook , i’ll send more soon.


– shakeel


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