Returning – Half way around the world

so finally after a long time, i’m returning back to Pakistan. Truly, this was my longest stay ever away from my home almost 3 months (except my boarding days at FC Colllege but i guess i used to see my family atleast in a month). It was a trip full of fun, travelling, learning and work.

I’m blessed to work in a company which has a unique vision, unique problems and unique infrastructure. Me along with my boss and our COO – share a strong ideology i.e. to get more and more jobs back in Pakistan – We started from 300 people 3 years ago and now we stand at a strong figure of 1000+ only in Pakistan. Hopefully we’ll be increasing this capacity in coming days in all fields starting from Software, IT till CSRs.

returning to my trip – it was part of my job duty as being global head of network operations which makes me travel annually to some places in and out of Pakistan. I travelled through Karachi, Doha, Dallas and returned to Philly’s town called “King Of Prussia”. Travelled throughout east cost starting from New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and till Florida.

The biggest achievement of my trip was to get hold of car provided by company and driving on interstate highways – so i finally got good grip on a right hand drive and it made my life easier in last 2 months – i was easily able to travel around – enjoy the Pizza at Tuscani, Coffee and late night sittings at Starbuck, and not to mention sandwiches of Taco Bell and Pot Belly 😀

Though i hear bad things about PK here, but i’m anxious to be with my family, some jack a$$ :@friends and Hamza kiddo. I wish i was back in Lahore when he was there for a month – i miss these days when he has started speaking in beautiful kido language saying Mamoon and Nano 😀 GOD ! i wanna fly directly to him in Isloo and give him hugs and gifts 😛

well i’m writing these lines from my office – sweeting all over – after cleaning up the data center along with my boss for AMEX visit on Wednesday. InshAllah i’ll write more when i get back in PK around 13 Aug.


tc amigos, tada


2 Responses to “Returning – Half way around the world”

  1. taichiman Says:

    ai.. have a safe flight back home , and yes , hire me :-p

  2. binary-zero Says:

    lol – man thats was a bad idea – i got spammed from all over the places and resumes are like from Kidos ! Nobody understand the concept of client services 😛

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