The best ever thing on PTV !

This clip is the last episode of Dhuwan ! the serial on PTV in 1990s – this was one of the best ever made drama by PTV in my opinion … the most interesting thing about this show was the reality – well most of the portion of this drama is true and applicable to most of the good police offers who were killed in the line of duty. I myself belong to a family full of law enforcement officers in police, intel and my own old affiliation with law enforcement, my khalo, my father, my mamon, myself , my younger brother and many others … i remmember a kidnap threat of me by a well known terrorist in punjab against my father when i was very young and one day for some reason, whole police in the town was looking for me while i was stuck in no where due to bad chain in bike with one of our bait officer … and then the hand grende threats .. those were some days 🙂 leaving all apart – here’s the video which i found today :


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