um, i am a IT & Telecom geek (mostly known as Freaks) and this is my personal blogs – used to blog on a website which was closed down due to my laziness 🙂 …apart from this, i am an author at Lahore Metro Blogs.

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5 Responses to “About”

  1. dotnetolympians Says:

    Nice to see you blogging, and thanks for the kind comments :).

  2. Desifriendster Says:

    Hi– I have a question. I am an American, recently married a Pakistani woman who lives in Islamabad (she will join me in the US in a few months when the visas clear). Meanwhile, I am coming to Islamabad in December, and we will take a trip to visit Lahore. But I would also like to visit Amritsar. I read about the bus service from Lahore to Amritsar, and I know you can taxis from either city to the border and cross on foot, but I wondered if a Pakistani can drive his or her car across the border? Or if one can drive a car rented in Pakistan across the border and drive to Amritsar? We just want to visit for a couple of days.

  3. binary-zero Says:


    I believe you cannot go on your car – however it depends on your Visa issues if you are allowed to go via Road or Air.

  4. Rehan Says:

    Hope everything is well with you, I was reading your introduction on metro blogging Lahore. It is interesting to know that you are in IT security and working for Govt dept. I am currently resident in US and also in IT security (CISSP and CAP), and working for a consulting company which provide IT security services in private as well as public sector. I am wondering how is the IT security scene in Pakistan, I am kind of thinking moving back and not sure about the job situation in regards with IT security whether in Govt or Private sector.
    Can you please provide me some information about that and how to find job in Pakistan in IT security field.


  5. Muhammad waqas Says:

    hi m waqas here can i hav ur cell number plz

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