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Lahore’s live temprature.

January 2, 2010

So it just clicked my mind – not sure if its a good idea or not but I have a temp beacon working on my roof top, and I’m relaying the temperature updates over to twitter after every 30 mins from Lahore 🙂 ENJJOY it here :

Lahore Live Temprature


Priceless Moments

July 7, 2008

Travelling Plans & Narations ….

May 24, 2008

Damn … i’m again en-route to US. Somehow i wasn’t able to get a ticket from Lahore to Washington or NY …weired ; seems like summer holidays are making too many people flee from Posh Areas.

OK so here’s the story – I’m currently writing these words from Doha (well i planned that i have some time to kill before my flight and so i’ll update this blog)

i left from yesterday around 7 PM – reached Airport around 7:45 PM; flight to Karachi was scheduled at 9:30; After the Flight Drama (which i’ll tell below) – we took off around 10:45 and reached Karachi around 12 AM.  Again as usual (as discussed with Danish couple of hours ago) that Pakistani Airline flights are good for getting Gunah maaf; and it went exactly like that 😉 Bad Weather – some poor attitude people and the media fiasco ended up in my worst ever faced turbulance. It was quite quite horrible and plan was shaking like peas in a pot.

ok long story short – plan was stopped by CAA due to poor weather while we all were seated but after 1 hour – a guy (uncle actually) got angrey and started shouting to make the plan run and flight reached geo/ajj etc.. ect.. after couple of minutes CAA allowed for takeoff but when it reached up 😀 the guy who was shouting to bring it up was holding his seat together and he was cursed by everyone in plane that he is a stupid jerk ! going to get us all killed 😛

At karachi, i just gave my self some internet shock – worked on hacked insecure internet and took a flight around 6 AM to reach here around 8:30 AM PKST ….

would be leaving around 12 PM PKST towards Washington ; i guess i won’t be able to write off from DC as i have to catch a flight to Philadelphia and i’m gonna be dead tired till that – not sure if anyone else but i’m kind of a guy who doesn’t get much sleep while traveling.

will update later hopefully….some pictures are already uploaded on facebook , i’ll send more soon.


– shakeel

4.8 Billion & Their Slaps

February 15, 2008

O boy – i am fan of this man – he is a great great pessimist. Got sometime ready his columns at JANG

JNCIA-ER Certfication Cleared

December 3, 2007

so finally after a gap of three years i returned back to education and have finally cleared Juniper’s JNCIA-ER exam today. I hope to finish JNCIP-ER and CCIP both within next 4-6 week. Wish me all the luck 🙂

Fool me once, shame on you – Fool me twice, shame on me.

November 6, 2007


 Shame on us all as a Pakistani Nation – for not acting when we are in desperate need of this act.

Shame on U.S. Govt.for supporting another lunatic dictator and making life miserable for Pakistanis. (My sympathies to all US Nationals who doesn’t support this action and wants the world more peace-full).

Without any regret, i am an ashamed national of PK – the current situation looks like a nightmare and i think we cannot fix it now – perhaps best way i can think is of to migrate to some democratic country where people respect a human and follow rules.

PTCL and my thoughts

October 4, 2007

On a mailing list, i ended replying too long against PTCL and i thought to post it out – thats my personal views about PTCL/PIE:

 PTCL is a strange company i have ever seen providing worst services &
SLAs (with upstream providers) and still sayin they are redundant.
They are totally not redundant. Service levels are the poorest on IP
Cloud or IPLCs both. IPLCs on SMW3/SMW4 are always flapping (and i am
not talking about any specific city, i have seen it at multiple places
at the same time) and no one knows what the reason is – the blame game
goes on and on. IP Cloud is never upto SLA, destinations are always
having packet loss, delays and extra routing hops via hongkong/london
even if you have to reach a simple hop in New York. And for solving
routing issue, client itself have to originate a conference call, and
grab engineers from all service providers using its contacts and guess
what PTCL NOC staff cannot join the international conference call – as
they have 2min. auto-drop feature on all international phones in their

For Flag network, your E1s are always having problem and next day you
figure out there was problem in port at mux and this happens 5 times
in a month. For Verizone, your next hop latency have too much jitter
to make it worse for Real time data applications. And they take 2
months to figure out their Router in NY is having high CPU. For PIE
managed b/w, its just like a local cable wala system, sometime their
internal routers are having packet loss on higher MTUs and it took
client to make them understand what MTU is and why that problem is,
after changing router port, they tell the client no it there was no
problem with them, it was in Karachi or at client media.
Technically TW1 also doesn’t provide us any total redundancy. They
only provide redundancy till Gulf, from their onwards we are on the
same/shared fiber optics which Flag or Verizone are using. The actual
redundancy can only be formed if we have an active fiber link with
India (and its real important for our economy as well) and multiple
providers like TW1 and some other directly make contracts with other
Tiers via Hong Kong path.
May be i am expecting more from PTCL when i compare PTCL services to
my other providers i.e. Global crossing, level3, Verizone USA/UUNet,
Cogent – but point is we are paying for these services and from past
5+ years there haven’t been any significant improvement with PIE/PTCL
and they don’t accept it either.

Landmark Achievement: Air-to-Surface Cruise Missile

August 26, 2007

Alhamdulillah – Another great technological step by Pakistanis