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Technology Rulez

February 11, 2009

so here’s a short funny side of technology –

i saw my aunt calling from Faisalabad (Approx. 200 Kms away from Lahore) to my mom on PTCL landlin number and asking her to call her husband (who is also in Faisalabad) on cell phone so that he can bring bread and eggs while coming back to home. Weird isn’t it ? here’s the key – since my aunt got PTCL Unlimited Nation wide calling – she called on a landline for free and my mom’s cell phone is of same service provider as uncle’s is – so its a win-win on both side

howzaat ? funny isn’t it 🙂

do you have any first hand account of your family/friends using technology to the most – feel free to comment.


Busy Life and Elton John

February 7, 2008

man it’s an amazing experience to see yourself this much busy  🙂 so much going on around – and i can just quickly post this song :

Hello world!

October 16, 2006

so I am allive again 🙂 let me put all my old posts up here from my old blog